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What is is a multi-vendor marketplace which connects online buyers and sellers together at a commission (See our ‘About Us’ page for more details). is managed by Applesoft Publishing House, whose team are highly motivated, focused and experienced. is supported by a group of experienced investors, funders and board members.

Our Target!

Our target is to become Africa’s most trusted and fasted growing multi-vendor e-commerce platform within the first two (2) years of our establishment and operation.

Our navigation system is simple, easy and understandable. is open 24/7/365 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week and around the year). With, you can sell and shop on the go, at home or in your office, even from the comfort of your bedroom (The other room!) With, you can reorder products/services without going through the hassles of running through the website again. connects you with vendors who offer quality products/services at the best affordable prices.

Our platform is secured using the highest level of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption - 256 bit encryption which ensures that your personal details truly remain personal.

In partnership with Paystack (A top payment processor) ensures that your card details are truly secure with a payment gateway that is highly encrypted; thereby giving you that much needed safety and convenience while shopping. (More Details? Check our Privacy Policy)

We desire to provide you with a satisfactory customer service, genuine products, unique shopping experience, a mouth-watery reward system for all sellers, buyers and affiliates, escrow policy (Return policy, applying terms and conditions), excellent services among other benefits.

You will also enjoy immeasurable customer service through a live chat feature which ensures that you can communicate directly with our customer service officials as at when due. Note: Our Online Live Chat features are open between 9 am till 5 pm (Nigerian time), Mondays till Fridays. You can also use our corporate e-mail to communicate us: or call/sms/WhatsApp: +234 907 330 8104 or +234 706 519 6596

Getting Started

How Does Work? is user-friendly. handles all the hard stuff: Product inventory, customer service, product delivery and shipping charges, fraud protection and your storefront hosting. helps you overcome the challenges of running an online store by providing a vendor marketplace for you. Businesses can focus on what they know how to do best: making and selling their products.

With, you only need to setup your account, upload your product details, promote your store and own your customers for as long as you can keep them coming back! helps you to start making money on the internet enlisting your products (Goods and Services) and promoting them; while our millions of visitors-turned-customers/clients see them and order. is a true e-commerce solution which offers you an online storefront where you operate under your own website link. In fact, there is no simpler and easier way to start and run a new e-commerce business than signing up and owning a shop (A replicated webpage) on

Creating an account with lets you display all your items (Products you want to sell) in one place (Under a virtual roof).

If someone (A potential buyer) clicks on your enlisted item (s) and likes what you are selling, he/she can easily access your store site from that item’s page and buy other items you sell online through

With, you can order and buy a lower priced product, enlist it with a better product image and resell it.


What Do You Need To Start Using

You need… 1. A Mobile Device: Desktop, Laptop, Ipad, Or a Smart Phone

2. A registered account (Sign up to enjoy over 5% off our purchase prices now and other gift items!)

In Practical Terms, To Shop On, You Need To Take These Steps:

1. Select your favourite products!

2. Add them to your shopping cart!

3. Checkout either as a guest or by registering using any convenient payment method! Note that registering makes checking out more convenient.

4. Relax and have your goods delivered at your doorstep! Trust us, shopping has never been this easy!

Assuming I Place An Order For a Product Now, When Will I Receive My Order?

Sellers will be responsible for the delivery of purchased items unless in cases where they decide to use’s partner courier companies. Thus, Sellers are to handle nation-wide payment on delivery collections for the item sold unless in cases where they decide to use’s partner courier companies.

However, will not be responsible for the cost of delivery and has no liability in cases of uncollected funds.

They will however be responsible for the cost of delivery. Thus, if you wish to market your products/services through us, make sure you integrate all major logistics cost and VAT of 7.5% into the price of your enlisted product as this may affect the amount of money you will receive from us after the supply of your product to the buyer.

For all purchases within the city of Port Harcourt, payment on delivery could be an option.

What BENEFITS Will I Enjoy When I Visit

As a vendor (Seller) on, you do not need to be paying shop rents, utility bills, staff salaries/wages, insurance, and other miscellaneous which are part of doing your business conventionally.

Selling your products on reduces your overhead cost and minimizes your risk as a seller or a buyer.

You enjoy unlimited access to a wider market than you could ever get conventionally.

On, buyers have more options of products to buy. We sometimes do products review on our corporate blog, and educate intending users of this platform through our corporate e-learning platform,

How Do I Register With

To register, simply select the ‘Register’ button at the top of the page, fill in all required information and you are ready to shop or sell your products on the website.

Remember to enter accurate information to ensure that all purchased items are delivered on time.

How Can I Pay For What I Purchase?

For your convenience we offer Visa, Verve and MasterCard payment options. This is always simple. It is done under strict secure transactions protocol. However, if you desire to use another payment method, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

How Do I Get In Touch?

You can use our online Live Chat feature (9a.m – 5p.m, Monday – Friday) Or, you can send us a quick WhatsApp message: +234 907 330 8104
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