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    Norland Herbal Mouthwash Herbal Care

    Norland Herbal Toothpaste is made from natural ingredients. Thus, it has no trace of chemical in it.
    It is flouride free. It rapidly absorbs and clears harmful protein bacteria.

    It can clear harmful bacteria residue in mouth mucus and saliva. Protein sodium phosphate releases silver ion micro-element into the oral cavity. This effectively removes obstinate tooth stains such as tobacco stains, tea stains

    It is anti-cancer.  It is good for anyone suffering month cancer.

    It also treat chronic halitosis (Bad Breath).

    It removes dental plaque, strengthen tooth enamel, strengthen the teeth and Whitens your teeth. Thus, giving you a fresh breath.

     4,500.00 5,500.00  4,500.00 18% off

    Norland Herbal Mouthwash Herbal Care

     4,500.00 5,500.00  4,500.00 18% off
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    Choleduz Omega Supreme

    It helps mothers recover lost DHA after giving birth-post partum depression

    It helps in the cognitive development of your baby

    It increases infant’s immunity,

    It improves sleep after birth

    It increases DHA/EPA in mother’s milk- for baby’s better visual acuity from 4 month’s old

    It is a better muscular coordination ability to easily recognize objects

    It reduces depression, Fatigue, confusion

    It enhances weight loss. Thus, it decreases belly fat. Remember, the bigger your belly, the more chances of you having heart attack.

    It aids in joint functions decrease risk of stroke by up to 31% decrease by 45% risk of cardiac arrest

    The American Heart Association recommends that you eat 1 whole tuna or salmon twice the size of your hand everyday. Alternatively, you can take 900mg of DHA/EPA supplement per day (equivalent to 2 Choleduz v-caps/day)
    There are countless of fish oil and omega 3 supplements in the market, why should I take Choleduz?

    Choleduz therefore helps you to:

    reduce clumping of the blood platelets

    reduce platelet and vessel wall interaction improvement on the elasticity of the endrocinal linings, thus reducing the occurence of blood clumps

    reduce inflammatory response on veins and arteries

    decrease blood pressure

    decrease bad blood cholesterol

    increase improvement in cerebral arterial activity (blood flow in the brain)

    decrease blood viscosity

    decrease resting heart rate

    supports healthy vision

     6,500.00 7,500.00  6,500.00 13% off

    Choleduz Omega Supreme

     6,500.00 7,500.00  6,500.00 13% off
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    NORLAND GINSENG CORDYCEPS SINENSIS is a herbal supplement for effective and permanent treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and other discomfort in human body.

    With NORLAND GINSENG CORDYCEPS SINENSIS, you can become the real man you deserve!

    This is the most powerful Chinese herbal medicine for men.

    It contains the following ingredients:

    1. GINSENG
    Ginseng is a broad term that incorporates nearly a dozen different species of plants belonging to the Panax genus.

    It is a highly valued plant, which has large fleshy roots is typically found in North America and certain cooler areas of Asia.

    Note: the light-colored, fleshy root is the most medicinally valuable element of the plant and can be purchased in dried, whole, or sliced form. The green, oval leaves of ginseng are used on a far more limited basis, but they do have some uses.

    Ginseng root can be consumed orally, or it can be included in supplements, energy drinks, beverages, teas, and other forms. Ginseng tea is also a widely known and used beverage.

    The most impressive health benefits of ginseng include its ability to stimulate the mind, increase energy, soothe inflammation, prevent cancer, reduce stress, and prevent aging. It also helps increase sexual potency, weight loss, manage diabetes, ease menstrual discomfort, boost hair health, and protect the skin.

     16,200.00 18,200.00  16,200.00 11% off


     16,200.00 18,200.00  16,200.00 11% off
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    Norland Herbal Toothpaste

    Norland Herbal Toothpaste helps you…

    prevents tooth decay

    safely remove plague with brushing

    remove stains from your teeth

    strengthen the teeth

    completely cures oral ulcers

    treat and prevent bad breath

    remove tobacco stains, leaving your teeth fresh and white

    However, Norland Herbal Toothpaste is good for those with sensitive teeth.

    It is an effective antidote to bleeding gum

    It has pain killing properties

    In fact, you would not need to extract your teeth any more immediately after using Norland herbal toothpaste

    Norland Herbal Toothpaste is such an experience you will never forget in a hurry as it is it leaves you satisfied while whitening the teeth and preventing tooth decay as well as giving you that fresh breath!

    Try it now!

     2,000.00 3,500.00  2,000.00 43% off

    Norland Herbal Toothpaste

     2,000.00 3,500.00  2,000.00 43% off
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    Norland Micro Molecule Oligopeptide

    The following are the Nutritional Facts and Ingredients this product contains:

    Soy peptide powder, Marine fish oligopeptides powder, wheat oligopeptides.

    Energy —– 1550kJ
    Protein —– 84.4g
    Fat — – 0g
    Carbohydrate — 6.8g
    Na — – 950mg

    Thus, it is suitable for everyone especially those that need protein supply and a fast energy. It is a solid beverage that contains pure peptides.

     20,000.00 21,000.00  20,000.00 5% off

    Norland Micro Molecule Oligopeptide

     20,000.00 21,000.00  20,000.00 5% off
  • vision vitale capsules image-9%

    Norland Vision Vitale Capsules

    Vision Vitale Capsules have been scientifically proven to treat and/or manage age-related Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataract, Short and Long Sightedness, Eyestrain, Astigmatism among others.

     15,000.00 16,500.00  15,000.00 9% off

    Norland Vision Vitale Capsules

     15,000.00 16,500.00  15,000.00 9% off
  • Norland Calcium, Iron and Zinc capsules image-9%

    Norland Calcium Iron Zinc Capsules

    The product could decompose hazardous substances in human body, resist aging, resist oxidation, effective adjust body immunity, strength body resistibility, nurture brain cells and improve life quality, which is a reliable choice for numerous families.

     15,000.00 16,500.00  15,000.00 9% off

    Norland Calcium Iron Zinc Capsules

     15,000.00 16,500.00  15,000.00 9% off
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    Norland Mebo GI

    This product contains 40 capsules per bottle (Soft gel capsules) containing natural ingredients including Sesame Oil, Cera Flava, Scutellariae Radix and other edible herbs, which provide phytosterols, bio-flavones, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E. It is majorly used as General Health Food Supplement.

     20,000.00 21,000.00  20,000.00 5% off

    Norland Mebo GI

     20,000.00 21,000.00  20,000.00 5% off
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    22 Reasons Why You’re Not Yet Rich…The 22 Mistakes People Make In Money Management And How To Overcome Them

    In this thought-provoking and insightful book, the International Best-selling Author, Teacher and Entrepreneurs’ Mentor, GABRIEL ONYEKAWA, reveals vividly, “The 22 Reasons Why You’re Not Yet Rich” The 22 Mistakes People Make In Money Management And How To Overcome Them. Grab your copy now!

     3,000.00 5,500.00  3,000.00 45% off
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    Liven Alkaline Coffee

    Liven Alkaline Coffee is the World’s First Alkaline Coffee with lots of health benefits coming from 16,000 phytonutrients from 131 natural ingredients!

    If you are having any kind of sexual problem: menstrual cycle seizure, hormonal imbalance, impotency, painful menstruation, weak erection, quick ejaculation problem and any other related, Alliance Alkaline Coffee is the best product for you!

    Other Benefits? Check out below:

    Lowers cholesterol level
    Protects against heart disease and complications
    Helps prevent cancer of any origin
    Controls high-blood pressure
    Prevents degenerative diseases such as Arthritis and Rheumatism
    Reduces the risk of developing Type II Diabetes
    Prevents Parkinson’s Disease
    Enhances, nourishes, strengthens and balances the Immune System
    Detoxifies the Body
    Offset damage of smoking and heavy alcohol intake
    Enhances sexual vitality
    Rejuvenates the skin
    Improves performance and endurance during exercise
    Enhances concentration
    Reduces fatigue
    Heightens alertness
    Increases sperm motility
    Relieves headache
    Promotes healthy blood circulation and cell regeneration

    Can you afford not to get a pack of this coffee now? We doubt!

     4,500.00 5,500.00  4,500.00 18% off

    Liven Alkaline Coffee

     4,500.00 5,500.00  4,500.00 18% off
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    Wonder what to give to an aged-parent?

    Want to look far younger than your real age?

    Restorly is the solution!

    RestorLyf is the best anti-aging supplement in the marketplace today.

    RestorLyf is a product of Alliance In Motion Global Inc.

    RestorLyf has comprehensive, unique, and standardized Resveratrol Blend of powerful Longevity Polyphenols:

    * Anti-oxidant activity
    * Immune System booster

    Restorlyf Contains :
    * Japanese Knotweed
    * Premium Grape Extract
    * Grape Seed Extract
    * Concentrated Grape Extract Powder (Certified NO alcohol content)

     11,600.00 12,600.00  11,600.00 8% off


     11,600.00 12,600.00  11,600.00 8% off
  • AIM GLOBAL complete phyto energizer image-12%

    Complete Phyto-Energizer

    Over the years, it has helped people with Ulcer challenge. It has the potency of healing an ulcer patient. It is also good for women generally, especially in relation to menstrual cycle challenges and hormonal imbalance.

    Some users have shared the testimony of using it to shrink the fibroid in their wombs.

    Complete Phyto-energizer contains daily essentials:
    * Vitamins/Minerals/ Trace Minerals
    * Whole Fruit Juice Blend
    * Whole Vegetable Juice Blend
    * Amino Acids
    * Super Green foods/ Spirulina blend
    * Mushrooms
    * Digestive Enzymes
    * Herbs & Specialty Nutrients
    * Essential Fatty Acids

     9,200.00 10,500.00  9,200.00 12% off

    Complete Phyto-Energizer

     9,200.00 10,500.00  9,200.00 12% off
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